International Quality Crown Award, London 2014 awarded to Silk Banca de Inversión

Silk Banca de Inversión, has been awarded the International Quality Crown Award London 2014, in recognition of its leadership, innovation, excellence and commitment to quality.
This award represents a success for Colombia in the world of international business, since it has been awarded to companies from 51 countries around the world, who are distinguished for their commitment to quality and excellence. The winners were companies like Tata Group of India; Korea Power Corporation, Wal Mart; Ansaldo Energia of Italy, Cooparaiso Cafe Brazil, ArcelorMittal among others.


The award was received in London on Gouman Tower London Convention Hall, on November 30 by its founder and president Martha Juliana Silva.

Silk is a company that has focused on identifying highly successful national companies that can be purchased, merged or associated with foreign investors or international private equity funds. Silk has been working 5 years with great leadership, innovation and efficiency with Colombian family businesses that are not yet listed on the stock exchange supporting them make the transition from family businesses to become multinationals.


The award is given by the group called Business Innovative Direction Group One, an international organization, a leader in the world in spreading the culture of quality, innovation and excellence. Through its programs they strongly influence the growth of organizations and businesses that strengthen the global economy.


Silk was nominated by some of the previously awardees and the prize has been awarded as a result of analysis by a group of business leaders, engineers, scientists, technicians, economists, whose business is conducted in the field of innovation, technology , excellence and quality criteria are based on the model of Total quality Management QC100.


The selection criteria Silk Banca de Inversion was based on the application of concepts and techniques of Total Quality Management (TQM) using as references the Balanced Scorecard and business theories for growth and competitive advantage (Growth and competitive advantage Theory).

The selection committee chooses each year the companies selected to receive the award in New York, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and London from more than 50 countries.


The winning companies as Silk Banca de Inversión are organizations committed to continuous improvement, actively influence their communities through their achievements and innovative path and are focused on quality and excellence.

Silk Investment Banking is characterized by:

1- Being a result-oriented boutique Investment Bank in Colombia, renowned for its capacity and efficiency in closing complex domestic and international operations.

2- Provide a suitable and innovative service in each of the business lines, generating maximum value to customers, partners, investors, and by extension, Colombia.

The firm has a highly qualified executive team having over 15 years of experience as successful managers in companies in the real sector, finance and academia. They come from different sectors of the economy and different countries. All with high recognition in their field and work area.

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