Business valuation

We value your company and maximize what investors pay it be it as an exit opportunity of as a strategic or financial investor to help expand your business.

What is a company valuation?

The valuation of a company is a set of standardized and universally accepted quantitative methodologies, which yield a price range that is reasonable on both parts for the acquisition of a company. The value of a company derived through this means serve as a guide for many business and personal decisions. The analysis  must be done objectively and skillfully so that the decisions taken based on the results obtained involve the least possible uncertainty.

A company’s value is determined by how much value such company is able to generate beyond the value of its assets. To determine this, it is necessary to analyze the multiple scenarios that can develop and the probabilities and consequences of each of them.

Valuation is a process that is used to determine the overall value of a company. Estimating and quantifying all the elements that make up the business structure includes cash flow projections, assets, activities, client portfolios, intellectual property rights, market position and any other tangible and intangible element susceptible to valuation.

The processes of buying and selling business units, debt restructuring and financing lines are the main situations a company valuation is required but a valuation’s worth goes way beyond. Besides these main reasons, a company might be interested in its valuation for raising capital, investment analysis, inheritances, successions, when computing the remuneration of shareholders and managers, and as partners buy-in or sell-out shares of the company.

At SILK we are experts in corporate valuations and are count with a team with over 15 years of expertise in the valuating and in every use of these valuations.


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