Project Structure

Achievement of resources

SILK has extensive experience in securing resources for investment projects in different sectors of the economy. Our team’s executives have developed extensive networks for over 15 years as executives of successful companies in various economic sectors and countries with wide recognition in their respective ​​work areas. These vast networks guarantee a direct contact into any industry of interest and into the different possible investors both nationally and internationally.

Our team develops all the necessary functions for the structuring of investment projects and the acquisition of resources through:

 • Business Valuations

• M&A consulting

• Investment vehicle design and structuring

• Financial Structuring for Economic Growth and Consolidation

• Private capital, venture capital and capital markets financing

• Support and design of legal structures (fiduciary, tax, companies, among others).

• Expansion strategy advising.

Project Finance

We have an international team of professionals with experience in project finance to support investment projects in different sectors of the economy. Specifically responsible for the development of all the necessary functions for the structuring of project financing and the securement of funds through the analysis and design of various capital structures including debt financing, equity financing, a combination of both or by either initial public offerings or secondary stock and debt offerings.

SILK has the expertise required for the structuring of infrastructure projects derived from public-private partnerships.

SILK is currently the structurer for the public-private partnership for the development of the two lines for the Bogota commuter rail. The project consists of the construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation of two double-track railway lines, starting from the Sabana Station in downtown Bogota, to the municipalities of Soacha and Facatativa. The project is estimated at a cost of USD $800 million and is currently undergoing a feasibility study and the acquisition of capital resources for its execution.


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